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Training & Support

We run regular training courses in the UK for distributors and partners who want to take advantage of our considerable practical experience. Based on the specific needs of a new partner and their team these courses can be tailored to include a combination of technical and commercial training including site visits to local installations. Here are some candid comments from people around the world who have benefitted for our training programmes.


Webinar: How To Sell $987,000 Worth Of Energy Monitoring Equipment After One Trial

In 2009 we appointed IQ Energy Nordic as our Exclusive Distributor. In this recorded Webinar they take you through a step by step analysis of how they converted a $6980.00 energy saving trial into a $987,000.00 order. Watch out for the 7 critical features you will need to deploy to capitalise on similar opportunities in your territory.


Webinar: How To Perform An Effective Trial With ACES

One of the easiest and most cost effective solutions to install as a retrofit product and deliver substantial energy savings is ACES. That's our Air Conditioning Energy Saver. In this recorded Webinar we take you through a simple procedure showing you how to perform an effective trial with ACES on real life applications and be able to remove all doubts and prove conclusively the efficacy of this amazing BEST load-side solution.


Webinar: How Eniscope Compares To The Competition

We believe Eniscope is the most complete Energy Monitoring Solution in the world. Our distributors and customers likewise agree. In this Webinar we delivered a very well received training session for our existing distributors helping them to better understand their target market. Training Webinars like this are regular features of the support we provide. In this Webinar we also explained how to create a competitor analysis matrix and finally; exactly what makes Eniscope unique in the market.