Kuala Lumpur - September 2016

The Top 10 Energy Saving Options
& Why Most Companies are Missing
Out on Number 1

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Yes it’s true. Within the next 3 months you could have 7-Eleven, Dominos, Shell and also companies like Holiday Inn, McDonalds and Toyota as energy efficiency clients.

All these companies or their franchisees are already BEST Energy Saving Technology customers – the hard work has been done. We have successful installations with proof of concept and case studies with concrete statistics of how much energy and money they can save with our solutions.

We even have a new step-by-step guide, proven to convert sales process, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Verifiable energy efficiency – the next big growth market

Energy efficiency is now big business. But saving energy and money is not enough. Companies need real time monitoring and accurate verification to conclusively prove these savings and identify further areas for improvement.

Our solutions do this better than any on the market today – bar none.

That’s why we are signing up so many high profile global brands.

The problem is this opportunity is just too big for us to handle on our own.

And that’s where we need your help.

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So just how big is this opportunity?

As I said, we have proved the concept, we now just need to roll it out in your area. There are enough opportunities not just to double the size of your business but also enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

For example, Dominos Pizza has outlets in 73 countries with over 2000 outlets in Asia Pacific.

It’s the same for all these companies. 7-Eleven is a particularly big opportunity – they have over 40,000 outlets in Asia Pacific, with over 8000 outlets in Thailand alone!

A typical 7-Eleven installation with just one of our products is worth around $3,000 (USD). Not to mention ongoing revenues of $360 pa. There are over 56,000 7-Eleven stores worldwide – so you can do the math. It’s a market potential of over $168 million. And that’s just one product in one chain of convenience stores. We have other products to help them save energy and no doubt you do too.

How many branches and outlets do these companies have in your area?

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But there is a problem

These companies are very sensitive and need to be approached in the right way.
We also have our reputation to consider. We need to have quality partners who represent us well and who can do a first class job for our customers. Then our energy saving story will spread even faster.

We therefore can’t just allow anyone to go chasing after these valued customers in an ad hoc fashion. We still need to earn their trust.

This is where you come in.

We have given hundreds, if not thousands of presentations over the last few years. We now know all the hot buttons to press to have these companies eating out of your hand. We have refined it into a seminar entitled:

“The Top 10 Energy Saving Options
& Why Most Companies are Missing Out on Number 1”

In this seminar we will reveal our complete process for presenting our energy saving solutions and how we overcome any objections.

In addition, after the seminar we will work very closely with you to help you bring in the business in your area.

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The seminar takes place in Kuala Lumpur on Monday 19th September at the Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang.

If you are serious about the energy saving business and realize how big this opportunity is come and meet us so we can get the ball rolling.

The partners who have the right credentials and also the commitment to come and meet in Kuala Lumpur will be given priority as we roll our solutions across Asia Pacific.

All these companies are desperate for our solutions. And it’s not just about bottom line profits. These big blue chip companies have corporate social responsibility objectives that they are under pressure to meet – they need to be seen to be green. BEST Energy Saving Technology’s solutions do this for them.

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I look forward to seeing you in Kuala Lumpur.

Best wishes

Troy Wrigley
Managing Director
British Energy Saving Technology