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[Recording] How to Add Recurring Revenue to Your Business with Energy Monitoring

(The 3 Essential Ingredients to 8X the Value of Your Company)

Did you know that 47% of companies have moved or are trying to move to a recurring revenue business model?

It’s not hard to see why. Recurring revenue offers: Predictable, reliable income; Increased profitability; Greater customer lifetime value (LTV); Lower barrier to entry (easier to sell); Better client engagement.

But perhaps the most exciting thing is that a recurring revenue business is worth up to 8X a traditional business when you come to sell it. No wonder the Harvard Business Review described it as the “Best Business Model in the World”. 

However, switching your current business model to a recurring revenue based one is not easy. And for some it may not be possible at all.

However, it is easy to add an already proven recurring revenue business model to your existing business. And that is what we discussed at our webinar on Tuesday, February 14th.

During the webinar we covered:

Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minute Q&A

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