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BEST Product Evaluation Pack

The Proof Of The Pudding… Is In The Eating.

There’s no better way for you to evaluate the potential for our new energy saving solutions than to get your hands on our incredible products and hopefully see them working on real applications in your own country.

With this in mind, we can now offer you the opportunity to ‘dip your toe in the water’ and obtain an Evaluation Pack, which we believe should be your next logical step towards developing a long-term mutually profitable relationship with BEST. This pack along with the support we provide is designed to help you unlock four of the biggest saving opportunities in energy efficiency namely; Energy Monitoring, Motors, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

The Evaluation Pack will enable you to:

  • Prove to yourself that our products will deliver great results in your local market
  • Evaluate the interest in your market for proven energy efficient technology
  • Offer your potential partners and/or investors tangible reasons to participate
  • Benefit from an intensive 30-day training and support programme

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It will also allow us to work along with you closely and establish if we believe there is a sound basis for entering into a subsequent Partner Agreement. We are attracting a lot of interest from potential partners at the moment and we obviously want to build a strong team - the best team - of likeminded professionals who are ideally placed to take our products to market. We don’t want more than one distributor chasing the same clients so serious interest needs to be actioned without undue delay as some territories are already closed to new applications.

An Evaluation Pack can include any mix of products that you think provide the best opportunities in your territory. Your Business Development Manager can discuss this with you and provide suggestions based on our experience.

If we subsequently decide we want to work together on a more permanent basis, whatever you have spent on samples can be deducted from any agreed minimum sales quota.

We've already received great feedback from some companies that have recently installed the products included in our Evaluation Pack:

  • A company in Slovenia installed iMEC and CUES on the refrigeration equipment of a local food market and savings of 17% were achieved. They have just placed their next iMEC order for a waste disposal company.
  • In Mexico, a company installed our Eniscope 4 Channel in a local Petrol Station. The client had tried every sort of energy monitoring product but claims that “nothing pleased them as much as Eniscope”. They are now negotiating the installation of Eniscope across all of their 200 Stations.
  • Our Eniscope Hybrid was just installed with a Zambian Government Authority to facilitate their energy awareness campaign, which is targeting a reduction in carbon. They have now asked to be quoted for a further 35 units to be installed across their premises.

I hope this snapshot demonstrates that the products included our Evaluation Pack can open the door to significant energy saving opportunities for your customers.

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But… the Evaluation Pack includes so much more than just ‘best of breed’ products… Why? Because it’s in both our interests for you to be able to see some immediate successful results both technically and commercially, so… we are keen to ensure you have the best possible chance of gaining early traction in your territory by hopefully hitting the ground running when the products arrive. We don’t want to just supply you with a few samples and leave you to it. Our goal is to work toward a long-term partnership agreement. To this end we are also happy to ensure you receive:-

  • Comprehensive Product Training – Both Commercial And Technical*
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager*
  • Video Based Training Sessions – Both Technical And Commercial
  • Unlimited Access To Our On-Line Support Desk
  • Same-Day Response Times To Support Ticket Requests*
  • Online Live 'On-Boarding' Webinars Held Twice Monthly*
  • One-To-One Installation Support When Required*

You may also wish to benefit from an iMEC portable demonstration case, which is a powerful tool for impressing potential clients with the benefits that come from intelligent control. If you would like to see this in action please check out the video in the top right corner of this page.

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These products are supplied for your own use and for evaluation purposes only. You must not represent yourself as a BEST distributor. Buying a product evaluation pack is no guarantee that a future application for a distributorship will be successful. Purchases of samples are non-refundable. They are not provided for re-sale or installation into commercial applications until such time as you are an approved distributor for BEST.


* Following receipt of the products, evaluation pack purchasers enjoy 30 days free technical support and subsequent support will be charged by the hour. Terms & Conditions apply