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(Recording) How Losing An Energy Management Tender to IBM Created a $10M Sales Pipeline

(Or Why Having the BEST Energy Management System Can Win You Business You Would Normally Lose)

When our Peruvian partners, EnergyCloud, pitched for an Energy Management tender with a national chain of banks they didn’t realize that they would be going up against a giant like IBM.

Nor did they have the faintest clue that IBM already enjoyed a multimillion-dollar service contract with the bank.

Needless to say, our partner lost the tender.

However, in a unique twist of circumstances, they didn’t lose the business. What’s more, this contract is directly responsible for opening up multiple new sales opportunities with a combined value of over $10 million.

How is this possible when our partner LOST the initial tender? The answer is revealed in a LIVE webinar we hosted.

In this 45-minute webinar, which will include a LIVE interview with our partner, you will learn:

Duration: 45 minutes (+15 minutes Live Q&A)

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About Our Hosts, Tim McMahon & Ben Willcocks

Ben Willcocks, Sales Director, has over 10 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector. He is responsible for helping our partners across the globe to maximise their sales opportunities. Tim McMahon is our Commercial Director and he has over 15 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency Sector. Tim is responsible for securing new partnerships with professional organizations from around the world.