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How Eniscope Compares To The Competition

An Analysis Of How To Sell The Difference

For the most part, competition is a good thing. Firstly, it proves that you are in a market full of potential. If there was no competition, it’s likely there is no existing market and creating a new market category from scratch can be very expensive or, in some cases, impossible. Secondly, it keeps you on your toes. It drives you to deliver better products and services, which of course benefits your customers. So competition is healthy.

However, to thrive in a competitive environment, it is vital that you have an effective strategy for helping your clients to understand the superiority of your solutions. If you have struggled to understand how to do that with Eniscope then we invite you to watch our previous webinar.

Here is a summary what you will get from the webinar:

Duration: 1 hour

About Our Hosts, Troy Wrigley & Tim McMahon

Troy Wrigley, Managing Director of BEST, has been involved in energy efficiency for nearly 20 years. He works closely with partners and customers to deliver new solutions that meet the needs of a fast-growing and ever-changing industry.  Tim McMahon is our Commercial Director and he has over 15 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency Sector. Tim is responsible for securing new partnerships with professional organizations from around the world.